About Us

Our Mission

Increase efficiency and profitability by streamlining operations
TouchPoint is passionate about serving the under-served retailers by providing them with the next generation Point of Sale platform that comprehensively manages your business while increasing efficiency and profitability in the business by streamlining operations that are typically done poorly in a standard PoS. Inventory management isn’t sexy, but it is where your unrealized profit is hiding. We’ve built a platform that allows you to efficiently manage your business from anywhere while providing an un-compromised in store experience that your staff and customers will love interacting with.

Back Story

One size does not fit all
In today’s complex business environment, one size does not fit all. Even two retailers selling the same product are radically different. Retailers expect to access and manage their business from anywhere at any time. TouchPoint understands this and provides a cloud-based Point of Sale (PoS) solution for complex inventory needs, especially multiple location and warehouse scenarios. It also seamlessly interfaces in-store with online sales and Amazon fulfillment, while keeping inventory data synced in real-time across all sales channels. “Retailers cannot ignore Amazon or eCommerce anymore. TouchPoint empowers any retailer to sell in both marketplaces while managing their physical locations, all from one interface.” says Kenn Kelly, CEO of TouchPoint. TouchPoint genesis began with these specific pain points in mind.
Unique Features for Retail Stores
Affordable Pricing

Affordable Price

Sensible pricing and high tech product
We recognize today’s retailers require an enterprise class solution at affordable prices and using the latest technology standards.  Too many retailers are overwhelmed with the challenge of managing their business daily operations as well as put a focus on growth. What has been lost in the growth culture, is how much a small business can generate in profit with lean operations and TouchPoint sits at the center of your needs.

Fight Human Trafficking

Join the fight to end trafficking
Additionally, TouchPoint transfers 10% of all annual profits to our parent company NeverSettle, who then in-turn donates it to fight human trafficking. All companies operated by NeverSettle due so with the ethos that we have a duty to apply a portion of our profits to social justice causes. We even empower our merchant partners to invoke functionality in our system that allows end customers to allocate a portion of their purchase to cause(s) that the Merchant itself is contributing to. 
Fight Human Trafficking
Franchise Owner Reporting

Serving Today and Tomorrow's Needs

Future Thinking
Lastly TouchPoint is not just looking to serve your needs today, but those that emerge well into the future.  We have an eye on the horizon on where the market is going and the evolving needs of consumers. We will continue to be a single source solution for all commerce between a consumer and the brand regardless of the medium of the transactions.  “Retail is clearly changing and every day we ask ourselves ‘What’s the future of exchange?’ and every day we’re investing resources into solving those coming changes.” With interactive store experiences on the rise and customers demanding a more personalized touch, it’s evident that TouchPoint is a top PoS for retailers today that will serve them well into the future as things continue to shift,” Kenn Kelly, CEO of TouchPoint.