CIO Outlook Top 10 Point of Sale
CIO Top Ten PoS Article

Top 10 PoS Solution 2019 by Retail CIO Outlook Magazine

TouchPoint began with a mission to help Retailers who are being underserved with solutions that are either too heavy/expensive or solutions that are too elementary for their complex needs.  The modern retailer requires a single PoS where all your inventory is centralized under one platform, thus advanced inventory management is enabled to ensure you have crystal clear visibility into your inventory.

With all your data centralized under the TouchPoint platform, you’ll have now have real-time visibility, advanced reporting, automated PO system, automated local sales tax for online sales, real-time integration into QuickBooks, Delivery Management Scheduling and Driver App as well as many more enterprise capabilities that are now accessible.  This is delivered via a SaaS model which enables easy implementation for your team, device agnostic (thus no capital investment), affordable through monthly subscriptions and no contracts!

This is the foundation for which TouchPoint was built and the cornerstone of why we’ve recently been awarded the certification for Top 10 PoS Solution by Retail CIO Outlook Magazine.