Track Inventory by Type and Location

No more lumping everything into one bucket!
TouchPoint has advanced inventory pool management. Easily inventory by location and pool. The pools we track are new, returned, damaged, and floor model. During checkout simply select the location and inventory pool you want to sell out of and you’re done!
Restoring Relationship Back to Sales

Customer View

Stop Telling Your Customer and Show Them
A picture or video is worth a thousand words. During the sales process sometimes it can be extremely beneficial to have additional images, documentation, or videos to help sell the product. With our customer view, you can easily navigate between products showing the customer all the important details they need.

Live Inventory Pools

Up to Date by The Second!
Your inventory needs are much more complex than just knowing what quantity of a certain item you carry. You need to know what condition and location of that item you carry. With TouchPoint you can track location and inventory pool live for every individual product. Track where it’s at (reserved and waiting to be delivered, in transfer between stores) or what type of inventory it is (floor model, returned, damaged, new).

Sales by Inventory

Make Better Decisions
As a business, you need to know which products are selling and which aren’t. You can track sales by product down to the individual variation so you know how to project your future sales. Knowing a certain shirt is your top seller is good, but knowing you sell more red shirts of that product thank blue is critical.

Inventory Rules & Settings

Controlling Even The Most Complex Businesses
You manage your inventory different than everyone else, with TouchPoint you have the flexibility to set rules for your inventory based on your business needs. Choose what levels you want to keep inventory at, whether it’s taxable or not, when to auto re-order, and how to categorize in the system.


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