Cash Drawers

We have them when needed
Sometimes you need a cash register and sometimes you don’t. For the users that are on an iPad tablet or other mobile devices, a cash register isn’t needed. No worries we have you covered. When you sign in simply select whether you want to map yourself to a cash register that day or not.

Better Pricing

Stop paying for registers
Instead of penalizing you for wanting to access your data in more places by paying per register and/or device – we want to incentivize you to access your data in more places.  Access it with one device or one hundred devices, the pricing is the same we only charge per user so you can access from any device anywhere.

Shared Cash Drawers

Less hardware to buy!
Sometimes it makes sense to have a cash register per employee but many times, especially for smaller businesses, that’s just not a good use of capital. With our smart register technology, multiple users can be tied to the same cash drawer making transactions from multiple devices at the same time.


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