Cloud Based PoS for Single or Multi Store Retailers and Franchises

  • Single PoS for Online and Retail Locations
  • Complex Inventory Management
  • Easy Data Migrations • SaaS and Device Agnostic
  • Easy to Use and Set Up
  • Monthly Subscriptions and NO Contracts!

A Single Point Of Sale SaaS For All Your Locations

Access anywhere on any device
  • Multiple locations both physical and online (single PoS)
  • Inventory management across ALL locations
  • Immediate inventory audit capabilities
  • Integration into QuickBooks
  • Local online sales tax auto calculated w/Taxjar
  Restoring Relationships Back To Sales!

A PoS System Built in the Cloud

Access anywhere on any device
Tired of your bulky point of sale that you can only access in your store? Access and manage your business from any device anywhere you are! Is it time to replace your legacy POS? See how TouchPoint unifies all your business functions into one seamless system.

Modern & Intuitive

TouchPoint has a modern and responsive design that’s intuitive and easy to use allowing you to manage your store(s) from wherever you are without having to be in your store.

No Longer Limited by Registers

Instead of tieing everything to registers, TouchPoint is built around users that can access any device and have all transactions recorded to their user account for seamless audit trails.
Whether you’re a business owner, store manager, IT leader, or controller – we have you covered for every part of your retail business. TouchPoint has easy migrations/setup (no installations, device agnostic, etc), support, monthly subscriptions, and no contracts!

Unique Features for Retail Stores

Referral Reporting

Track where your marketing budget is going and what’s actually effective by tracking all sales to a referral source.

Universal Login

Log into any location from anywhere. Advanced permissions per user role for secure employee management.

Inventory Transfer

No more creating fake PO’s to move inventory from one location to another, with TouchPoint its just a couple of clicks.
Unique Features for retailers

Centralized Customer Database

No more duplicate customer creation and reporting because the customer database is shared across locations with a detailed customer history.

Single & Multi-Store Reporting

Understand your business as a whole or by individual location.

Multi-Location Inventory

View, manage, and sell inventory from any location! All inventory is tracked live in each store and warehouse so you know where you sit at all times.

Built by Retailer for Retailers

Understand how TouchPoint supports you in your role


Always working even when you're sleeping!
We’ve automated the most frequent manual tasks you find yourself doing daily so you can focus on the most important parts of running your business.


  • Automated purchase order creation based on inventory rules
  • Automating daily close and financials even when you’re employees forget to
  • Notifications for items not in stock or not fully paid
  • Removing items from in progress deliveries that have already been received by customers
  • Centralized live inventory numbers from all locations and warehouses
  • Financial reporting and tax reporting at the state, county, and city level
  • Commission reporting automatically updating based on returns, exchanges, and other financial events
automation of frequent tasks

All the POS Basics

All the things you'd expect plus much more!
We’ve modernized all of the standard Point of Sale features to make it even easier to run you business.

Business Reports & Sales Data

PO Automation

Delivery Scheduling & Management

Sleek Cart & Checkout

Inventory & Product Management

Detailed Customer History

Track orders, returns, deliveries, quotes, calls, and more!



How Does Pricing Work With TouchPoint?

We’re priced just as all SaaS models are, on a per month, per location basis.  Tell us how many locations you have, who your payment processor is and what systems you use for PoS, Inventory Mgmt, PO’s, Deliveries (if applicable) and financials (e.g. QuickBooks) and we will provide you a price estimate.

How Do I Retain All My Historical Data?

Good news is that we have data templates that enable you to easily import and map your historical data set.  We also have data migration experts on staff for those more complex use cases.

What Devices Does TouchPoint Work On?

TouchPoint is device universal (agnostic) so you can access on Mac, PC, Linux, Phones, Tablets, and Desktop devices.


Am I Locked Into A Contract?

No long term or expensive contracts, pay as you go giving you the opportunity to see if TouchPoint is right for your business.