Split Fulfillment Type

In Store Take Out, Deliveries, and Dropsihps
Sometimes your customer buys two products, one which needs to be delivered and one which they take out of the store. TouchPoint has you covered, during checkout simply select the appropriate fulfillment type and TouchPoint handles the rest. Our delivery management software allows you to track all orders and deliveries easily.

Partially Complete Delivery

Not everything is delivered at the same time
Sometimes one product arrives before the other and your delivery is only partially delivered. Our automated purchase order splitting, allows you to easily split a single delivery into two so you can track which items have been delivered and which are still outstanding. Best part, both deliveries are tied to the original order for easy tracking.

Delivery Reporting and Notifications

Easy To Track
Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, no worries we have you covered. TouchPoint tracks:
  • Which products need to be delivered but haven’t been scheduled yet
  • Past due deliveries so you can reschedule them
  • Deliveries that contain orders that aren’t fully paid
  • Deliveries that have products that are currently out of stock

No More Paperwork

Manage Everything Through Any Mobile Device
I mean if you like carrying paper around, by all means, don’t let us stop you. But if you want to save a tree and have live and up to date tracking you can do that too. Pick lists, Itineraries, and Delivery Schedules can all be viewed and managed from a mobile device. Once the delivery arrives the customer simply signs the screen and gets an email receipt and you keep a digital signature and automatically update your deliveries schedule so people in the store know exactly what’s happening throughout the day.


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