Splitting Commissions

Keeping Your Sales People Happy!
Every business handles commissions differently and TouchPoint takes that into consideration. However, you calculate commission reports we have it covered. For every sale record which staff split the commission (if any) and then in your reporting use our filters to determine when you pay commissions (at the time of sale, time of delivery, or time of full payment).

Referral Source Report

PS - This is our personal favorite!
One of our personal favorite things about TouchPoint is the customer referral report. No more manually tracking where your customers are coming from. You’re spending valuable resources on your marketing and it’s time you know what’s effective and what’s not. With our referral source tracking per customer, you can see where your marketing dollars are creating ROI. TouchPoint not only tracks the initial sale it also accounts for refunds, exchanges, and lifetime customer value so your data is as accurate as can be.

Tax Reporting

We've All Got To Do It
Part of retail is paying sales tax, TouchPoint works hard to take the pain out of taxes (as much as humanly possible). Based on your tax type, tax rates, and locations – TouchPoint calculates your sales tax due so you can pay and report your taxes correctly.

Charity Reporting

Customized to Your Charitable Giving Needs
As an optional add-on, you can highlight charities you want to support as a business into your checkout process. In your settings determine what percentage of sales you want to donate to the charities of your choice so your customers can choose them at checkout. Then when you’re ready to make your donation simply go to your charity report to see what amounts your customers have donated to what charities.

Advanced Sales Reports

Covering Every Business Metric You Need
The reports above are just the starting point – to be competitive in this market you need analytics and business metrics to make strategic decisions for your future. TouchPoint provides a variety of intelligent reports providing you the data you need to make the decisions needed to keep your business competitive.

Inventory Reports

Keeping Your Inventory In Alignment
Inventory can seem boring on the surface but the truth is you need to know where your inventory is at all times. TouchPoint’s inventory reporting shows a holistic view of your entire inventory pool showing what quantities you have, what’s in purchase ordering, and what’s in transit. And, you can export or email any report so you can easily access or share with others.

Daily Close Reports

For Simple Reconciliation
Usually, your books are 100% accurate right! But for those times that your bookkeeper finds a discrepancy, it’s important you have reporting that allows you to find the root of the issue. TouchPoint provides a detailed daily close report so that you can easily reconcile all transaction in the event there is a discrepancy. Simply start with our summarized view by amount and transaction type (check, cash, credit card, gift card, etc.) then drill down to individual transaction with one click to see the details of that transaction.


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