Advanced PO Automation

Always woking so nothing falls through the cracks
Based on the inventory rules you setup, TouchPoint will automatically create and adjust your purchase orders for you so that your inventory is always at the exact levels you want it to be.

Auto Splitting Partially Fulfilled Purchase Orders

A smarter way to do PO's
Everyone expects a PO to be fully received but we all know many times you do not always get exactly what you ordered. Instead of trying to manually manage a partially received PO, TouchPoint will automatically split any PO that’s partially received. The amount that is received moves forward in the timeline and the amount not received is split into a second PO which is still attached and linked to the main PO so you can easily track what’s still outstanding.

Purchase Orders and Finance

Keeping Your Books Clean
Touchpoint fully tracks all of your financials including inventory valuation and FIFO (First in First Out) accounting for COGS (Cost of Goods). As you move your PO through the timeline TouchPoint makes financial adjustments and includes those in your financial exports so your books are always up to date.

Easy Access and Navigation

Easy as following the bouncing ball
Easily filter by purchase order status, vendor, or date to easily find the purchase order you are looking for. Admin dashboard to see everything at a high level to know exactly where your inventory is.


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