QuickBooks Online Integration

TouchPoint integrates with QuickBooks for full accounting data sync.

TouchPoint Syncs with QBO
integrate with quickbooks
  • Realtime Sync TouchPoint transactions
  • Batched Sync for consolidated entries per day
  • Accountant Role in User Permissions
  • Map TouchPoint event types to specific accounts
  • Sync Support for all major journal entry types
  • Including Sales, Taxes, Assets, AR, AP, and more!
  • Simple and Easy Integration Steps

TouchPoint integrates into QuickBooks

In today’s complex business environment, one size does not fit all. Even two retailers selling the same product are radically different. Retailers expect to access and manage their business from anywhere at any time. TouchPoint understands this and provides a cloud-based Point of Sale (PoS) solution for complex inventory needs, especially multiple location and warehouse scenarios. It also seamlessly interfaces in-store with online sales and Amazon fulfillment, while keeping inventory data synced in real-time across all sales channels. All of this is tightly integrated into your QuickBooks subscription which will bring clarity to data that was historically opaque.  Now within minutes you can see where inventory loss is hiding, in-efficiencies within operations contributing to loss profit and a litany.

We are integrated with QuickBooks and you can find us on the QB App Store.  We’re pioneering a whole new level of simplicity and ease to running an enterprise across multiple sales channels with nominal effort to get going (SaaS) and a cost structure designed for the lean enterprise (monthly subscription and no contracts!).  Did we mention your accountant will love you?! Finally your account will have all relevant information synced which will significantly increase their visibility into your business allowing them to focus on the strategic areas you most need, not chasing data points.

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Join our rapidly growing and highly successful affiliate program by bundling our PoS with your Services. This is a winning combination that your merchants will thank you for and more importantly you’ll deeply appreciate how we manage their inventory and how sales/inventory data is integrated into QuickBooks.

By adding our enterprise class PoS platform through a SaaS model and affordable rates, you’ll establish a new revenue stream which is always great, but more importantly you’ll further your own strategic cause with your customer.  Now that we have access to every single relevant data point, you will now have full visibility into their data and can act with decisiveness impacting new profits within their business. Be the hero, recommend TouchPoint and contact us today to receive details on our Affiliate Program.

Point of Sale Software with QuickBooks Integration

TouchPoint is a cloud-based Point of Sale (PoS) solution for complex inventory needs, especially multiple location and warehouse scenarios all through an affordable monthly subscription and no contracts!

Having sales data automatically loaded into QuickBooks is a huge advantage that retailers should expect is standard with your PoS platform.  Here are a few things you should look for:

  • Ensure data is synced with every aspect of your retail business: sales, refunds, exchanges, purchase orders, COGS, asset value tracking, credit scenarios, cash in/out, etc. 
  • Does the system track accounting categories per transaction type to specific Accounts – customizable on a merchant level?
  • Does it sync all QuickBooks supporting data: customer record, vendor record, etc.?

Quickbooks Online Integration for Complete Data Sync: Check out the video and see how integration should work with any Point of Sale platform and your QuickBooks subscription.

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