QuickBooks Online Integration

TouchPoint integrates with QuickBooks for full accounting data sync.

TouchPoint Syncs with QBO
TouchPoint Integrates with QBO
  • Realtime Sync TouchPoint transactions
  • Batched Sync for consolidated entries per day
  • Accountant Role in User Permissions
  • Map TouchPoint event types to specific accounts
  • Sync Support for all major journal entry types
  • Including Sales, Taxes, Assets, AR, AP, and more!
  • Simple and Easy Integration Steps

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Nathaniel Hoelk - Urban Mattress

How TouchPoint Changed My Business?

“I wanted to give you guys a little shout out on TP. Yesterday, it worked to perfection. Kyle and I had 20 people on the Vienna sales floor at once, I literally had the desktop open, iPad and my laptop all processing sales and building quotes for customers (no one felt like they were waiting) It was impressive! I was even able to help out the Leesburg store (he was busy with multiple people in). He was ringing someone up. Put me on speaker phone with another customer so I could build a quote and then he just grabbed the quote when he was done ringing up that 1st customer and get the second’s money. It was awesome!”

Nathaniel Hoelk – Urban Mattress Multi-Store Owner

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