Full Customer History

Track Visits, Deliveries, Orders, Refunds, Notes, and More!
TouchPoint is restoring the relationship back into sales and one of the first things we’re doing is giving you an in-depth look at your customer’s history. This way you know everything they’ve done and you can better facilitate their interactions with you as a business. See when they visited, how much they’ve spent, deliveries they’ve received, custom notes and much more.

Filtering Sales

Simple Navigation for Any Device
Not all sales are equal and you need tools that allow you to find the sale or customer you’re looking for. TouchPoint has filters for every sales screen so that you can find orders that aren’t fully paid, orders not delivered, orders by date and much more.

Referral Source

This is Our Personal Favorite!
One of our personal favorite things about TouchPoint is the customer referral report. No more manually tracking where your customers are coming from. You’re spending valuable resources on your marketing and it’s time you know what’s effective and what’s not. With our referral source tracking per customer, you can see where your marketing dollars are creating ROI. TouchPoint not only tracks the initial sale it also accounts for refunds, exchanges, and lifetime customer value so your data is as accurate as can be.


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