TouchPoint Modules, Features. and Integrations

The TouchPoint Platform consists of all Modules and Features, such as; PoS (retail and online), advanced inventory management, deliveries, PO, online tax, etc. under your monthly subscription. This is delivered via our SaaS model that is device agnostic and requires no installations. It comes along with easy data migrations via templates, nominal training due to touchscreen technology and advanced insights into your data that unleashes historically hidden profits.

Retailers who don’t make the jump into eCommerce cannot compete with their neighbors that do and they require an affordable technology platform that serves their needs today as well as those into the future. Many retailers know they need to sell online and on Amazon, yet few know where to start or how to do it well. TouchPoint provides the lowest barrier to entry. With the rise in eCommerce and selling through Amazon, it’s clear the demand for a solution like TouchPoint will only grow.


All modules come complimentary with any subscription

TouchPoint’s advanced platform comes with various Modules that comprise of the full complete solution.  All modules come complimentary with any subscription and we break them out so you can have an appreciation for the depth of functionality that comes along with your subscription.

Our Reports is an example of one of our Modules which is empowering retailers to identify the marketing strategies that yield the highest ROI. Unlike other expensive third party tools that are difficult to integrate and have gaps in the data, TouchPoint inherently provides insights directly into the complete sales lifecycle.  Following are the Modules that comprise of the TouchPoint PoS solution.

All modules included in your subscription.

No More Registers


  • Registers Optional
  • Cash Drawers
  • Better Pricing
  • Shared Cash Drawers

Inventory Management

  • Track Inventory by Type & Location
  • Customer View
  • Live Inventory Pools
  • Sales by Inventory
  • Inventory Rules & Settings
Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

  • Splitting Commissions
  • Referral Source Report
  • Tax Reporting
  • Charity Reporting
  • Advanced Sales Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Daily Close Reports


  • Split Fulfillment Type
  • Partially Complete Delivery
  • Delivery Reporting & Notifications
  • No More Paperwork
PO Automation

PO Automation

  • Advanced PO Automation
  • Auto Splitting Partially Fulfilled PO’s
  • PO and Finance
  • Easy Access and Navigation


All modules come complimentary with any subscription
TouchPoint tackles key challenges retailers face today in new and powerful ways. It tracks different inventory buckets per SKU for easily distinguishing between new, sellable items vs. those which have been returned or damaged, are floor models, or even reserved.

All features included in your subscription.

Customers & Sales

Customers & Sales

  • Full Customer History
  • Filtering Sales
  • Referral Source
Multiple Stores and Locations - TouchPoint POS

Multiple Stores & Locations

  • Single Store & Organizational Reporting
  • Ability to Sell Inventory Out of Another Location
  • Transfer Inventory Between Locations
  • Single Sign In
  • Simple & Fair Pricing

Referral Tracking

  • Track life time value of customer
  • Curate high value marketing database
  • Track revenue to the unique referral source
  • Get ROI on marketing channels
  • Know what marketing is actually working
  • Track live data

Coming Soon

All modules come complimentary with any subscription
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Sales Floor Demo

  • Pull up product schematics while on the floor to show customer
  • Use technology to enable personable sales
  • Close sales right on the floor.
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Amazon Fulfillment Integration

  • Easily extend your Product(s) to Amazon’s platform (highest ecommerce sales in the world)
  • Use Amazon as your warehouse/fulfillment shop
  • Avoid costly and timely Amazon integrations through our easy to use platform.
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One-click E-commerce Integration

  • Easy one click access to add online sales capabilities to your repertoire
  • Free online sales processing


QuickBooks Online

Data integration into QuickBook’s powerful accounting tool that is commonly used by Retailers is often one of their favorite parts and your accountant will thank you! 


FirstData is by far the largest payment processing company in the world (over 80% of the worlds transactions are processed by their platform).  TouchPoint is integrated into their CardConnect network and can provide you very competitive rates.


A platform that auto calculates all local sales tax based upon local laws that are constantly changing and evolving.