Retail Tips

Retail Tips

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Hey Retailers!!!  Our business can be complex with the ever changing landscape of brick & mortar, online sales and the marketing that surrounds these channels.  This is a place where we can share tricks of the trade that we can all benefit from.  Let the sharing begin!

QuickBooks Integration with your PoS System

As companies grow digitally and look for advancements in their e-commerce systems, they look for tools that will accommodate not only features such a… CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE!

The Very Real Struggle with Inventory Management

Urban Mattress: An Inventory Management Case Study Inventory management doesn’t sound sexy, but challenges in this area eat at a Retailers profits, such as it did with Urban Mattress. They were challenged with what is only growing in importance, providing consumers a unified experience across diverse mediums (in-store, website, amazon, outlet, etc). Thus, tracking their … Continue reading The Very Real Struggle with Inventory Management