21 Jun 2019

QuickBooks Integration with your PoS System

Quickbooks integration with PoS

As companies grow digitally and look for advancements in their e-commerce systems, they look for tools that will accommodate not only features such as email drip campaigns and social media contests, but also features like analytics, inventory management and multi-channel integrations. One integration businesses look for with a PoS system is with Quickbooks online, and it is often a deciding factor when choosing which one to go with. This is because a Quickbooks integration could mean less room for human error by automating the transfer of information, less time spent manually entering data and easy syncing between platforms.

Having sales data automatically loaded into QuickBooks is a huge advantage that retailers should expect is standard with their PoS platform.

Here are a few things you should look for :
QuickBooks Integration with your PoS System :
  • Ensure data is synced with every aspect of your retail business: sales, refunds, exchanges, purchase orders, COGS, asset value tracking, credit scenarios, cash in/out, etc.
  • Does the system track accounting categories per transaction type to specific QBO Accounts – customizable on a merchant level?
  • Does it sync all QuickBooks supporting data: customer record, vendor record, etc.?

Here is a great video that demonstrates how an integration should work with any Point of Sale platform and your QuickBooks subscription.