27 Jun 2019

The Very Real Struggle with Inventory Management

multi channel inventory management

Urban Mattress: An Inventory Management Case Study

Inventory management doesn’t sound sexy, but challenges in this area eat at a Retailers profits, such as it did with Urban Mattress. They were challenged with what is only growing in importance, providing consumers a unified experience across diverse mediums (in-store, website, amazon, outlet, etc). Thus, tracking their inventory status across their locations, warehouse(s), and online channels was becoming increasingly difficult to the point of loss profit estimated to be over six figures annually. Some of the main areas they saw these efficiencies were:

  • 10% decrease in inventory discrepancies. Historically they had a disjointed inventory across their locations and having everything centralized in an easy to track/report system as significantly decreased inventory loss.
  • 5% increase in sales. Often times sales team didn’t have confidence in their inventory which translated into lost sales opportunities.
  • Delivery chaos. Everything was manual on scheduling/tracking deliveries that increased significantly their operational cost as well as loss inventory.

The ability to automatically sync customer orders across multiple sales channels into a centralized inventory management tool creates the confidence needed to increase sales and offer a customer experience you can be proud of.

The modern retailer requires a single PoS where all your inventory is centralized under one platform, advanced enough to ensure you have crystal clear visibility into all your inventory management.

Once your data is centralized, you’ll be able to have extensive reporting, real-time visibility, an automated PO system, automated local sales taxes for all sales, real-time integration into QuickBooks, Delivery Management Scheduling and many more enterprise capabilities. You’ll also need the benefits of a SaaS model for easy implementation, device agnostic functionality (eliminating capital investment), affordable monthly subscriptions, and no contracts!

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